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Manglona Lab Clinic

The Manglona Lab Clinic offers experiential learning opportunities for students at Penn State Law. If you are a student at Penn State Law interested in spending a semester working in the clinic or in a gender equity externship, please contact Prof. Bethany Schols. If you are interested in learning more about working with the Manglona Lab on your appellate case, please contact Prof. Bethany Schols.

Gender Equity Research

The Manglona Lab performs research and interviews witnesses on various matters related to gender and equity in the law.

In collaboration with the Penn State PILOT lab, the Manglona Lab performs research to advance the knowledge on the economic drivers of technology entrepreneurship and equity.

Community Outreach

The Manglona Lab's work in community outreach, public education and, policy development includes:

- The Manglona Fellows Program, which supports externship opportunities for Penn State Law students interested in working with organizations committed to gender equity and economic justice.


- The Barbara Nachtrieb Armstrong Award, which supports faculty and students during periods of public service in law and policy roles related to gender equity and technology.


- Various additional initiatives aimed at enhancing business literacy among aspiring technology entrepreneurs.

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