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Founding Faculty Director

Managing Executive Director

2022 Spring Students.jpg

spring 2022

The inaugural class of Manglona Lab students:

"I learned how to interview a witness, how to interview in a time constraint, how to manage my time to get everything I need."  

~ Ashwani Patel (3L)

"We think of a lot of inequalities such as not being able to sign a document or own property without a man as ancient history, but it is not so ancient." 

~ Morgan Harrington (3L)

"[O]ne of our greatest weapons against injustice is knowledge, and the information I learned this semester is invaluable for my life and future career." 

~ Kaitlyn Boswell (2L)

fall 2022

Mangona - 2023_edited.jpg

spring 2023

The Manglona Lab 
is a sister effort of the 


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