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Manglona Lab Clinic Students

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The inaugural class of Manglona Lab students:

"I learned how to interview a witness, how to interview in a time constraint, [and] how to manage my time to get everything I need."  

     ~ Ashwani Patel (JD '22)

"We think of a lot of inequalities such as not being able to sign a document or own property without a man as ancient history, but it is not so ancient." 

     ~ Morgan Harrington (JD '22)

"[O]ne of our greatest weapons against injustice is knowledge, and the information I learned this semester is invaluable for my life and future career." 

     ~ Kaitlyn Boswell (JD '23)

spring 2022

"I never understood how much our history was painted with a male brush and I was grateful to learn more."

     ~Mari Reott (JD '24)

"[T]his class reignited my passion for doing work that is important to me."

     ~ Rita Portenti (JD '24)

"Hearing women’s experiences, and how things have progressed in certain ways, made me want to continue the fight [for women's rights]."

     ~ Emily Newton (JD '24)

"This was the best class I’ve taken in law school because of the open dialogue about real-world topics."

     ~ Jordan Burdick (JD '23)

"While I knew that long-term action against gender inequities is difficult, it was reassuring but also saddening to confirm that these kinds of inequities have existed for many, many years,
and in far more extreme circumstances."

     ~ Logan Vonada (JD '24)

fall 2022

"This Clinic is a wonderful opportunity to expand communication, research, and writing skills. It is also a great opportunity for discourse on current events and issues, and how they interact with the law. If you are someone with an interest in gender equity, or equity in general, then this is the Clinic for you. It is also a good opportunity for those who may not have a strong understanding of what that means to learn more about a
relevant and important topic."

     ~ Daniel Smith (JD '24)

"It has been a great journey to know and work with Prof. Schols and the colleagues with Manglona Lab this semester."

     ~ Griselda Kurniawan (LLM '23)

"The Manglona Lab provides historical context for how gender and economics have intersected throughout history, and how current economic systems and policies continue to impact
different genders in different ways."

     ~ Georgia de Andrade (JD '24)

"This clinic is here to help and here to work. We will not shy away from difficult projects or uphill battles. Please utilize this clinic as a resource and do not hesitate to bring us a challenge."

     ~ Alejandra Amendola (JD '24)

spring 2023

"The Manglona Lab was an eye-opening, valuable experience, allowing students to analyze gender and economic equity issues, strengthen interviewing skills, and interpret and apply the law for unique audiences."

     ~ Ariel Gootkin (JD '25)

The Manglona Lab provided a "safe space to explore the impacts experienced by women of all generations and learn from our past adversities and triumphs."

     ~ Hannah Finch (JD '25)

"My time in the Manglona Lab has been an invaluable experience that exposed me to practical experience while developing my knowledge of the interplay between gender, equity, and the field of law."

     ~ Erika Uebelhor (JD '25)

"This clinic was an amazing opportunity to learn how to combat discrimination at the ground roots."

     ~ Bailey Keenan (JD '25)

"Learning about the past gender and economic equity experiences that individuals have lived and persevered through has been so eye-opening to understanding how to advocate our current issues."

     ~ Annie Vigil (JD '25)

fall 2023

"My experience in the Clinic reminds me to continue appreciating and cherishing the women in my life and all the women who have and continue to fight for women’s rights."

     ~ Ashlyn Browning (JD '25)

"This Clinic will challenge you beyond your wildest dreams, but you will also learn a lot about yourself."

     ~ Oluwafunmi Lawal (JD '25)

"This clinic also showed me that I want to be involved in social justice issues that may not involve direct representation.

     ~ Eboni Barbour (JD '25)

"Prof. Schols’s insights, her vast knowledge of Women’s Right’s History, and her practical advice have motivated me to work harder advocating and educating others about gender equity."

     ~ Ángela Sánchez Gago (LLM '24)

spring 2024

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